Wednesday, September 13, 2000

I love shoes.

Boy do I. I think I probably have about 50 pairs. Now this is counting flip flops and snow boots. Plus you have to take into account that my feet haven't grown since 7th grade, so I haven't "grown" out of a pair for quite some time.

When I left home I left behind 30 pair. They weren't worthy of carrying on with me to the next stage of my life. They were shoes that I bought on a whim . Sometimes just because they were a bargain. They were worn once and then ignored. Or maybe I had nothing to wear with them. Impulse buying combined with my packrat tendencies contributed to my large collection.

More thought goes into the aquisition of shoes now. Each pair is a beaut. Sometimes I sit in meetings and admire them. Or maybe when I am walking. I caught myself staring at them today when I had my feet kicked up on my desk.

I also love the things that go with shoes. Socks. Patterned and stripey ones especially. Today I can see the socks through my most excellent shoes. Today is a good day.

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