Friday, August 17, 2001

Hard to Find Food

I was trying to find the Camel Cigarette website. Why? you ask. I wanted to see the graphics they used for their elixir tour. But I could not find a Camel website. There is none. A web site for any cigarette brand is glaringly absent. Not even a look at the RJ Reynolds site produced a url. Bizarre!

At any rate, while I was searching, I saw an ad for Tang on the RJ Nabisco site. This led me to the store for Nabisco's Hard to Find Food. Been craving Yuban or Vegemite? You are in luck!

The products that caught my attention were the Macaroni and Cheese Cheese Topping and Orange Pineapple Tang. Yum. I love Tang. Astronauts drink it.

Then again, think of the amount of orange food coloring involved in the consumption of these two products together.

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