Tuesday, August 17, 2004

If you have trouble sleeping... for reasons such as fear of gunfire or nuclear fall out... then the Quantum Sleeper is for you. The hottest thing since the craftmatic adjustable bed, the QS offers protection from biochemical attacks, tornadoes, floods, kidnappers and more. It is also available with a DVD screen, microwave or refridgerator. Not recommended for those with claustraphobia.


  1. It looks too much like a casket! How would you be able to watch a DVD with the screen a foot from your face... wouldn't you go cross-eyed?!

    I know someone who would love this bed.

  2. Whoa, how paranoid would you have to be to get one of these things? And i wonder if anyone actually owns one.

    "ok Johnny, time for bed in your QS. You wouldn't want a kidnapper to come and grap you in the middle of the night like they did to that lindberg baby."