Sunday, May 22, 2005

Last year Aaron and I discovered Oscar was eating tomatoes and carrots out of the garden. So Aaron made me a raised garden bed and we planted it yesterday. I think it looks great. Oscar is miffed.

We also got flowers to plant around the house. This summer I am doing window boxes. I got them all planted and now Aaron has to hang them. Oscar went along to the garden shop and rode around on the cart.

Here is my garden project page and flower project page. And there are more pictures here too.


  1. Do you call ahead to see if it is okay to bring Oscar when you take him places or do you use the "it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission" mantra? I love taking Leo places but I'm never sure where he would be allowed.

  2. I had thought the same thing. Maybe it's just different around here, but I would never have been able to take my doggie places with me. Not even on a leash. I love the garden layout. Did it take a lot of planning?

  3. What are the things in the corners of the raised bed holding it together? It looks like something that would be easier to make one.

  4. Jessica - I had been to the garden store before and seen dogs there.

    Yvett - I actually planned it out in my head instead of drawing it out this year. Lucky everything fit.

    Jane - those are four by four cedar pieces. Aaron had them cut a long piece into four two foot long pieces at the hardware store. He then bolted the two by four cedar planks to those end pieces and put a plastic topper on top of each one.

  5. Jenny, you are always such an inspiration. This is our first house with a yard so we are really looking forward to planting. I love those marigolds - they make me smile!

  6. i wish i had an aaron. i'm 1/2 done building my raised garden. it was set to be done last year but moving dirt is hard work!

  7. Lucky you! The boxes are looking great as well as the raised beds. Nice growing!

  8. hey jenny-
    sigh. i am jealous. it looks so nice and neat. thru a confluence of events, i haven't really been able to garden for the last 3 years - one of which being the baby, so that's worth it! i have this 8x60 plot i used to plant every year...
    Anyways, what i wanted to know is did you make your bamboo trellis thingy?
    also, you inspired me to buy a roomba. i have 3 cats...and the fur...the fur... i got the roomba red b/c i was skeptical (and i love red). i love it, of course, and wish we had gotten your model. don't you find yourself mesmerized by it, as it works away?