Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Aaron and I went to see Guster tonight and we got to meet them after the show. (Looking at these pictures I feel bad because I realize I forgot to take my picture with Joe, their newest band member. Whups.)

It was a super concert and it was great to learn more about their Campus Conciousness Tour where they are trying to lessen their impact on the environment and spread the word about renewable energy and alternative fuels. (I wrote more about it on Rocha-chatter)

Lookit me grinning like a nut and clutching my post-consumer recycled paper environmental pamphlets. It was all I could do to refrain from loudly informing each of them..."I have reusable grocery bags! I love your new album! Sign my sticker?"


  1. Ack! I LOVE Guster! I saw them in Savannah last month, and they were awesome. You are too lucky to have met them!

  2. Jenny,
    Have you ever shopped at Spirit Work in Rochester? I just ordered an AB Fab throw kit from them and wondered what you might know about the place.


  3. pooch - yeah... they have knitting classes there too right? The people who worked there were super nice... and helpful.

  4. I've been waiting patiently to see Guster for years now. Every time they come around, something bizarre happens to prevent me from seeing them. But not this time!! They are coming to this year's Earthfest in Boston, and I am sooo psyched!!!! I'll be "fa fa fa"-ing all the way there!

  5. I (heart) Guster! Lucky you to meet them!

  6. Ok I really like this images are very beautiful to see them, they look very happy and I think that is the way that it should be.