Friday, September 14, 2007

I was at Corn Hill Creamery with Shruti and Aprille when I spied this... sweetcorn ice cream!

How could I not try it?

It was sweet like corn bread and every once in awhile there was a little corn kernel skin just to prove it was really made of sweet corn.


  1. sounds like it would be tasty

  2. After a friend of mine mentioned that he had tried sweet corn ice cream, I reproduced it (or created my own version) at home. See It was good, and super easy to make. (Mine didn't have corn bits large enough to taste in it, though).

  3. Derrick - I am very impressed with your process of developing your own sweek corn ice cream. It read like something right out of Cook's Country or America's Test Kitchen.

  4. sweet corn ice cream is a pretty common sight over here in singapore where elderly men (equivalent to your ice cream men) sell them outside places like schools and malls. they would cut the ice cream into rectangular blocks and sandwich them in between two wafers or a bread.

    they offer other flavours too like red bean, durian, choc chip etc.

    and sweet corn ice cream is indeed awesome!

  5. fid - I bet I would like the red bean... I love red bean buns

  6. I'm sorry. Well not so much sorry as embarrassed, because clearly I'm in the minority when I give a resounding 'HURRRRLLL'. This doesn't sound tempting to me AT. ALL.

    Great blog though. Love it!