Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Since I was only in Boston for the weekend, most of the time was spent in the city. I will need a separate trip to explore all the great recommendations in the South End, Cambridge and Brookline.

I did make the most of the North End and one of the first places I hit was Lulu's Bake Shoppe .

The cupcakes pictured are red velvet, chocolate, smores and peanut butter. The vanilla with pink frosting didn't make it to the photo shoot intact.

I also checked out Johnny Cupcakes on Newbury Street, who, surprise, surprise... doesn't actually have cupcakes! That's okay... what I really wanted was a t-shirt.


  1. dude, i am so jealous you got to go to a johnny cupcakes! i have been salivating over their t- shirts for the last year. Which one did you get?!

  2. I love that you post about food all the time & that you are thin. What's your secret girl!

  3. hey there
    first of all nice blog
    secondly let me just tell u ive been in a crave for cupcakes for like the past 6 months and i havent found anything to quench my thirst. so the cupcakes u just posted is mouthwatering aaah
    can u tell me if u know any more cupcake places, in Newyork, Boston and anything outside America!!!
    my email is nawal13@gmail.com
    and nother thing, are they really good as them seem to be?

  4. Ooh, cupcakes. Swoon.

    I'm late to the suggestion comment party, but if you get a chance next trip, Athans Bakery in Brookline is worth checking out. (Green Line, C train, Washington Sq stop.)

  5. jmswiflong- I got a traditional black tee with the logo in white

    carrie - we walked A LOT!

    nawal - check out http://cupcakestakethecake.blogspot.com/
    for more cupcake info!

  6. OMG! Peanutbutter cupcakes! I so want some.

    What DOES Johnny Cupcakes have??

  7. Heather - t-shirts. T-shirts with cupcakes on them and that's it!