Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Last week I wrote on 1000 Words about some of the April Fools pranks we have played at the office. Behold the Newspaper Desk.

And the Balloon Cubicle.

You can read more about them and see more pictures on 1000 Words.


  1. omg those are GREAT! Many years ago (circa 1979) I was a teen working for an insurance agency. I cant remember whos bright idea it was, but we tied a rubber band around the sprayer in the kitchen sink. Of all people to use it, the office Matriarch (the owner/boss's right hand lady)....needless to say, she wasnt amused. Happy April Fools Day.

  2. happy april fool's day!

    I can't imagine how long it must have taken to do all that!

    Have you had a haircut? I love your hair in the photos of your maple syrup meal!

  3. holy moly! all i'm going to do is call my mom and tell her i'm engaged ;)

  4. rosie - yeah I just got my bangs cut... thanks!