Friday, August 15, 2008

Beijing Olympic Swimming

The Water Cube obsession continues. I will stand in front of it for ages trying to get pictures of each color.

Piglet and Domo like it too.

I went to see some swimming. Everyone is crazy for Michael Phelps. It's like Phelps Phever.

There was heat after heat of swimmers. Finally, the very last one had Michael Phelps, so I did get to see him swim.

Piglet and Domo enjoyed themselves immensely.

Domo decided to give it a try himself at the Omega Showcase.


  1. oh, that is cool you got to see MP swim! It's been so exciting watching from home, I can't imagine what fun it's been to be there in person. Thanks so much for sharing your fun photos!

  2. Very nice pics! How exciting to be at the Olympics.