Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bits of orange

There are bits of orange in our backyard.

Little round carrots in the garden.

And this pumpkin. A pumpkin vine spouted from our compost bin this spring. Lots of pumpkin vines really. Here's a composting tip... don't throw all your jack-o-lantern guts in the composter unless you want a bunch of pumpkins growing out of it. For some reason this was the only vine that survived our rainy summer and it only had one pumpkin on it. The pumpkin was about 7 feet from the begining of the vine and grew on the garage alcove roof.

I am very proud of my one pumpkin. I made Aaron take this Martha-esque picture of me with it.


  1. ha! i love it - it is very martha-esque. i can't believe that happened - just the one inadvertent pumpkin. i bet she gets a place of prominence on your front step :)

  2. this reminds me of the book "Too Many Pumpkins" It's about a pumpkin seed that sprouts unexpectedly. Great children's book!

  3. Great pumpkin shot! Just saw these on Swissmiss

    You're welcome!

    You will fry the internet wifi with how fast you will be ordering these I know it!

  4. How awesome, love the pumpkin story :0)

  5. That's hilarious! Is that a pumpkin growing on your roof? Why yes, yes it is!

  6. Several years ago when I was living out in the middle of nowhere, a pumpkin sprouted up near our fence. We watered it and took care of. The day that we went to pick it, it was gone. A neighbor had seen it while driving down the road and picked it! I was so mad I sent my husband over to get it back from him.

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