Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The owl obsession continues. My mum found these three little guys that I zip tied to our gate.

And look at this owl lamp! He's missing two beads, but I think I can find replacements. So cute.

I picked up this owl ornament at Kmart from the always fabulous Martha Stewart collection. You can sorta see one of her mini kitchen utensil ornaments I got on clearance after Christmas last year.


  1. I have that same owl lamp!! Mine has no beads though. I think I paid 5.00 for him at a swap meet. Creeps me out too much to have him lit though, haha.

  2. curious if Owls are going to be your theme for Christmas this year?

  3. I saw the kitchen items this year at kmart and wanted to start a tree just with them. I thought it would look great in the kitchen on the counter.

  4. Love owls too! Have you seen this? It comes in wood veneer.

  5. I am a big owl lover, too. I'm kind of picky, they have to be cute owls, but I've amassed quite a few since I started collecting them in the mid 90s. Luckily owls are hot right now, and it's very easy to find them. I didn't know about the MS owl ornament...we don't have a Kmart. I'll have to search it out (and pick up a cupcake or 2 while I'm at it!)...thanks!