Monday, April 27, 2009

Puggle on Park

There was a puggle on the other side.


  1. Thanks to your blog (this entree) we finally solved the what kind of dog do we have??? mystery

    Our Noa is a Puggle!! we got her from a shelter in Spain and there they had no idea what she was...but ha I looked at the photo you posted here, thought: that looks just like our Noa. Did a search on google images and yes.... no doubt! Noa is a puggle! will upload a picture of her tomorrow morning and post a link here too... Thanks for your very interesting blogs! I love reading them and you helped us solve this mystery!

  2. pictures of our doggie Noa:


  3. Emmy - I definitely think that is a puggle you have on your hands there. My grandma has one too! Very cute! Glad I could help!