Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hot Pepper Jelly

In our last batch of CSA veggies, we got some hot peppers.

I didn't know what to do with them until a friend on Facebook recommended hot pepper jelly. Perfect!

This will be so tasty on crackers with cream cheese or on toasted baguette with brie.

Here is my recipe:

1 cup chopped jalapenos peppers
2 cups chopped red bell peppers
5 lbs sugar
3 cups apple cider vinegar
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 packages Ball Fruit Jell Liquid Pectin

Disolve sugar in the vinegar and lemon juice. Add the peppers and let boil for 2 mintues. Add liquid pectin and let rest for 10 minutes. Fill the jelly jars and let them seal.


  1. I eyed your canning book with envy and just put it on my Amazon wishlist. Please do share the recipe for your hot pepper jelly. I always wondered how these were made.

    Off topic, are you using a new camera? Your macro images are just amazing. Your pics are always nice, but the recent snaps just seem so much sharper.

  2. I would also love your hot pepper jelly because we are growing them this year. They seem to be the only thing that is growing like weeds. I think my husband would love hot pepper jelly!

  3. Linda - for awhile when I first got my iPhone I was using pictures taken with it for my blog posts - but then I realized that the photos just didn't look as good. I still use it occasionally like the veggie pic. But lately I have been using the Kodak Z950 for shots like the jars of jelly. I LOVE it! It is just amazing. The zoom is incredible. I was sitting so far away from the ponies in the post for Sunday. The colors, the sharpness... I highly recommend it!

    Oh... and I will post the jelly recipe tonight!

  4. Glad I could contribute to the pepper jam. I'll be in Rochester next week for a few days. I'll be sure to stop in and say hi.

  5. That looks heavenly-Those would make great gifts too!

  6. Thanks for sharing the recipe! We received a ton of peppers from our CSA-like delivery and I've been racking my brain thinking of what to make.

  7. Lori - please do stop by! I can't wait to catch up!