Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas goodies

A few of of the goodies I got for Christmas this year.

A penguin pillow and one piece jammies.

A bat house and bat book.

Amazing Pyrex casserole with printed lid.

Vintage mixer that fits on a Pyrex measuring cup.

And.... a beehive with all the supplies!

I can't wait til spring!


  1. i have that penguin too!

    love that you have a bat house and beehive setup.

    I got a spinning wheel. we could put our own Frontier Days camp, with churnin' butter, spinning wool, and candlemaking. :)

  2. Love the bee keeping kit! Honey is spiritual food. I bought Lavender Honey this year from Lavender Hill Farm (at the 45 parallel in Michigan) and raspberry/blackberry blossom honey from a U-pick in Saline, MI. My enthusiasm for good quality honey has convinced many friends and family members that life is too short for those commercial brands with diluted flavor.
    I few years ago I was given almost a gallon of a dark robust flavored honey (plant source unknown). I treasure it! (It was excellent on the date, walnut, and gorgonzola tartlets I made for Christmas appetizers.) I went to see the robust honey extracted. The extracting shed smelled of bees’ wax before I neared the door. It was warm inside and a few lost bees dizzily circled the room. A fond memory! Your soul is going to be so FULL this year after beekeeping! BEST WISHES to you!
    Anyway Stewie has the best smile! Have you thought of having your pets' photos turned into postage stamps? Check it out at the USPS website.

  3. love ..Love.. LOVE the bat house!!

  4. wow! the pyrex is gorgeous, and love the bat box and guide! we had a beehive in our backyard, tended by a local beekeeper, but it succumbed to colony collapse last month :(
    good luck with your beekeeping adventures, please blog about them!

  5. The beekeeping gift is GREAT!! I can't wait to hear the chronicles! Where is the kit from? Once we have a backyard, I MUST get this for D. Enjoy! Got your epi pen handy?? :)

  6. I'm not sure where Aaron got the kit - you could try leaving him a comment on the Laugh of the Week blog and asking him.

  7. Do bats and bees coexist well? I cannot wait to see a photo of you in beekeeper gear. You will look so cute!
    Fourth Breakfast