Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Craft night

Me and my peeps have been getting together one night a week for girls night out and this week we decided to have a craft night. What did we make? Flash back to 2002 and one of my earliest craft projects - painted light bulbs.

They are easy to make, don't take forever and works well with a group. We had a lot of fun!

I was surprised at how this flame one looks when lit up! I love the pattern on the wall.

You just need lightbulbs, some liquid "lead" and glass paint. I have the step by step instructions on my old project page.

We let Aaron paint one light bulb and look what he did. Boys!


  1. Ha! That eye is hilarious :) very well done

  2. Thanks for sharing this art craft! Can't wait to do my own bulb painting session with my sissy and nieces. :)

  3. That was creative! I know one way of art while having a camping, and that is painting!

  4. What an excellent idea. Very creative indeed.