Monday, April 18, 2011

Hallway chalkboard

I have been pre-occupied with chalkboards lately. I am constantly checking this pinterest board full of chalkboard ideas. It finally dawned on me that the picture frame moulding on our walls makes for the perfect chalkboard frame.

I used this Rust-Oleum chalkboard paint. Two coats and I had the perfect chalkboard surface.

I was so happy to finally have a spot for my Shanna Murray decals!

There is also a "clothesline" across the chalkboard for hanging notes and cards. I love it so much I am scanning the rest of the house for chalkboard opportunities. Note I am getting ready to paint the hallway - hence the blotches of color on the wall. We are going with the forest green on the bottom.

Oooh I just entered this contest!


  1. Did someone make bambi into a creature from the black lagoon?

  2. Jenny it looks awesome! I just found that chalk talk link party today.

  3. If you put a couple of coats of magnetic paint under the chalk board's double the fun! Magnets and Chalk! We did that in the basement for our son!

  4. hi jenny,

    i was wondering what you used for your clothesline and how did you mount it? i was considering of doing the same thing and using twine but i think it might sag.



  5. I am just imagining when I return all the walls in the house will be chalkboards and we'll be able to write from top to bottom ;-)

  6. mlk - I used two cup hooks screwed in to the wall and strung picture frame wire between them. The cards are hung up with mini wooden clothespins.

  7. Love this! And for some more inspiration, Dana Tanamachi's chalk lettering:

    I am completely obsessed with her work.

  8. Fabulous job! We did this at our 2nd house in the kitchen. Incredibly handy for lists. I also drew on a permanent calendar (just changed out the month & dates in chalk). Loved it.