Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Soup Season

The comfort cooking really kicks into high gear at my house when fall hits. We have been getting big heads of broccoli from our CSA farm share, which I have saved up. I saved them up to make a big batch of broccoi cheese soup. I used Pioneer Woman's recipe... she has been my go-to recipe source lately. They just pop up first in my google searches and I go with my google gut on these things.

We also got a large supply of leeks in our farm share so that meant potato leek soup. I was hesitant to make this after the big scalding hot potato leep soup and burn of 2007. It doesn't look like I blogged about it, but after making a batch of potato leek soup for our soup swap in 2007, I was taking it out of the microwave at work and spilled it on my hand. It was a surprisingly bad burn... I still have the marks on my arm.

Anyhoo, I was ready to put that behind me and this time used the Wegman's recipe. A dollop (ok more than a dollop) of creme fraiche, and fried bacon ends (have you ever had those? AMAZING!) and I was ready to forgive the soup for scarring my arm six years ago.

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