Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fat Tuesday Donuts

I missed that last Tuesday was Fat Tuesday. I heard someone mention it was Pancake Day but it didn't sink in. Back home in PA we called it Fastnacht Day. My great aunts and my grandmother get together and make sugar coated delicious donuts. Here in Rochester, we can find a sort of fastnacht at Ridge Road Donut. Not quite like I'm used to but I'm an equal opportunity donut eater.

I noticed a few people tweeting about Paczki Day. Turns out, that is the Polish verson of my German Fastnacht Day. Aaron is a quarter Polish and felt the need to track down a paczki. We found some at Polska Chata.

Turns out there are lots of variations of "donut day" on Fat Tuesday. Portuguese have "Malasada Day" and New Orleans has beignets. I think everyone is on the right track!

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