Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas gifties

I've been looking at my goodies from Christmas...

How cute is this birdfeeder? It's made especially for sunflowers seeds. I told Aaron "The squirrels will love it!" and he shook his fist.

Aaron always gets me a calendar for Christmas and I fell off my chair when I saw this year's was a Tuna calendar! I didn't even know the little guy had his own calendar.

I have been talking about the Haws Bosmere watering can ever since I found out it was reviewed as THE best watering can. I guess I'm pretty serious about watering my plants. Haws has been making English watering cans since 1886. They are not in the UK as I thought there were but are Glennville, Georgia! Not only did I get my dream watering can but I got a mini-version for watering my inside plants too.

My mom and dad got me a snowman gourd which I am pretty excited about leaving out all winter. He lights up and light glows through his face and snowflake. I'm transfixed by the glass Christmas tree on the right. It lights up, spins, changes color and glitter swirls around. I could pretty much sit and watch it all day.

My mom also got me this amazing vintage Viewmaster. It came with reels and it's own special case.

Speaking of vintage, Aaron got me a Baltimore Printing Press! Gah! I can't wait to start printing!

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