Saturday, September 5, 2015

Crash, smash & bash - Labor Day weekend Demolition Derby

Every Labor Day weekend in my hometown, there is a demolition derby at the local fairgrounds. My dad suggested we take a break from our work and check it out.

Demoliton derbies have been around since the 1950's. In Europe they are called "Banger Racing", which is fitting. I'm glad demolition derbies are still being held. It makes for an exciting evening out watching the crunching and smashing. It's very satisfying. You can't help but get caught up in the loud crashing and cheering. I also like to pick a favorite car and root for it. Color of car and favorite numbers sway my vote.

I must admit I had fleeting daydreams of having a car in a demolition derby. What car I would choose and how I would paint it. I think my first car, a 1970's Chevy Malibu Classic would be a winner! The Chrysler Imperial from '64 to '66 is one of the most successful cars in history for derbies. It is so crashworthy, it is banned from most competitions.

Some of the cars would lose wheels or even entire backends but keep going!

Look at that smoke! Cars that compete have all the glass removed and you are not allowed to deliberately ram the drivers side door. Even with these precautions it can be dangerous out on the track.

Some of the other changes to a demolition derby car include welding doors shut and relocating the battery, gas tank and radiator.

This derby started off with 8 cylnder cars, then 6 cylder and finally compact cars. The smaller cars seemed to be the most agressive! In this heat, a car got tipped over and guys had to run out on the rack and roll it back over.

They typical demolition derby starts with the cars lined up facing back to back or in one direction like picture above. Drivers have to crash into another car at least every two minutes or they are "sandbagging" and are disqualiified. The "maddog" puts on the best show with the most and biggest hits. The last car running that hits another car wins.

Demolition derby. So much fun!

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Maybe someday you will see me on the track in a hot pick #55 Chevy Malibu Classic.

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