Friday, December 11, 2015

Link Friday

What are you waiting for? Check out these links!

Instagram Husband had me laughing but admiting similarities all week long. They have a website too.

This is a genius idea for cats and we already have two on order for our little convicts.

I'd like to go up to Toronto for this pop up shop.

I am a little behind on this but I love Tay Tay's new video and have been trying to figure out who all is in it.

If you live in winter weather like I do you might want to add these to your Christmas wish list. I've heard they are the best.

Rustic but stylish DIY way to show off your Christmas cards.

Found this cute site when I got a pop up while on Google Maps. You can get calls from Santa too.

Let's just sit around and watch this video on a continuous loop.

Truth and agreement in these comics.

Most amazing cake I've ever seen.

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