Friday, August 8, 2014


I love traveling but I hate the "getting there" part. After years of missed connections, cancelled flights and running through airports due to changed gates (once in Chicago they moved our gate FIVE TIMES) I have developed travel anxiety around flying. (Check out my stress reducing Travel Tips from a 2009 blog post.)

Luckily there are a few airports that have a features that ease the pain. Terminal 4 at JFK had charging stations built into the seats at the gate. It seems like a little thing but that means people don't have to sit on the floor over by the wall to charge their phones.

One of my favorite airports terminals however is the Jet Blue Terminal 5 at JFK. They have a Jamba Juice right next to a MUJI. And there are vending machines with products like Benefit...

... and Essie nail polish. Now if they would all just provide free wifi...

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sweet & Cute Coffee Syrup for Coffee Milk in a new jar mug

Being friends with Tina, the creator of Sweet & Cute treats has it's perks. I get samples of the products that she is working on. Of course this can be her undoing because I become dependent on some of them and then she has to keep a steady stream of sugar coming my way. The latest is her Sweet & Cute Coffee Syrup. I like it mixed in with fresh, cold Pittsford Farms Dairy milk. It's to the point I can't carry through my morning without this sweet delightful elixer.

Luckily I just got a larger sized mason jar and Mason Bar lids at Peppermint so I can take an extra large serving of coffee milk with me to work!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Stewie in and on things

Sometimes Stewie likes to sit in a box. This one is particularly nice because it is perfectly Stewie-sized.

Look how smug he is.

Sometimes Stewie likes to sit on top of things... like Aaron's laptop bag.

Kat kickstand leg.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Beer Can Chicken II

A couple weekends ago we met up with our friends BT and Sheila at the Genesee Brew House for dinner.

Later that week it inspired us to grill another beer can chicken.

This time Aaron got to enjoy it with a Genesee growler we bought at the Brew House.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Going to Korea

This has all come together very quickly but I have a round trip ticket for Seoul, Korea this weekend! Aaron is traveling through China for work and then I will meet him in South Korea for a few days. I am very excited... I have never been there.

Travel prep has begun. I've started packing my bag - taking just a carry on, so outfit planning is crucial. Everyting I'm planning to wear is grey or blue. Also breaking in these new shoes.

I discovered that Seoul is 13 hours ahead of Rochester. I'm not there for very long so I don't want to lose time to jet lag. So I've come up with a plan. I have a direct flight from NYC to Korea that takes off at 1pm. That is 1 am Korea time. If I stay up all night and stay awake until I get on that 1pm flight, I can then start sleeping on the plane when it is 1am Korea time. So I'll kick start the transition to Korea time before I get there. Seems logical. We'll see how that goes.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Park Ave Fest 2014

Tina and I were especially excited to go to the Park Ave Festival this year because while I was at Henry's Kettle Korn stand during the Lilac Festival, one of his assistants mentioned he would be back for the Park Ave Fest. A first I think!

We also swung by the Le Petit Poutine truck so I could get brunch poutine!

I was excited to see Peppermint had a sidewalk sale and managed to add two more anchor patterned items to my wardrobe. Shorts and a dress. Ahoy!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Salt Potatoes

I love discovering regional food and when I was introduced to salt potatoes upon arriving in Rochester I thought, "How can I have not had these before?" I am a big potato fan so this really seemed like an injustice.

My friend Steve Garfield recently instagrammed a bag of Hinerwadel's salt potatoes which got me hungry for them and thinking about their origins.

Most sources agree that salt potatoes originated in Syracuse, NY where there is a history of salt being produced from boiling water from marshes. Starting in the late 1800's, Irish salt miners in the area would bring a bag of potatoes to work for their lunch and boil them in the readily available salt.

In 1914 John Hinerwadel began to offer salt potatoes at his famous clam bakes. Not long after that he was selling 5lb bags of potatoes packaged with 12oz of salt calling them Hinerwadel's Famous Original Salt Potatoes. In fact in May, Hinerwadel's celebrated 100 years of salt potatoes in Syracuse.

Wegmans carries their own brand of salt potatoes too.

Just what makes up a salt potato? You start with small new potatoes and boil them using 6 cups of water to 1 cup of salt. Drain off the water and serve them doused with melted butter.

It might not sound that special but the salt water causes the water to boil at a higher temperature and the starch cooks more completely resulting in extra creamy potatoes. The outside skin gets crusty and goes well with melted butter.


4lbs of small baby potatoes • 1 cup of salt • 6 cups of water • 1 stick of unsalted butter

Add potatoes, water and salt in a pot and cover. Bring to a boil over high heat. Reduce heat to medium and simmer for half an hour. Drain the water from the potatoes and pour melted butter over them. Serve and enjoy.