Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday ScentSicle Winner.... (and cats)

Congratulations to Deanna, the winner of my holiday Scentsicle giveaway! Thank you to everyone who entered!

I think sneaking Scentsicles as a surprise is a fun idea!

Deanna asked me to share this Facebook page instead of her blog in my winner announcement post. She is involved with this Orphan Cat Colony cause in south Austin TX to find homes for 26 cats left without care when their elderly caretaker passed away. 13 have been adopted so far which is great! If you live in Texas and would like a furry companion please contact them! Share with friends and family too!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Flicks

Aaron and I have been watching our favorite holiday movies this month. Here are our top picks.

White Christmas

This is just eye candy. Classic. Only drawback is we have the "Sisters" song stuck in our heads for weeks.

It's a Wonderful Life

Another classic and Aaron does a great Jimmy Stewart impression.

I recently learned that local Seneca Falls is believed to be the inspiration for Bedford Falls and I would like to attend their "The Real Bedford Falls" festival some year.

Muppets Christmas Carol

Christmas Carol is such a good story. Pigs, frogs and chickens only make it better.

Love Actually

Clever stories that overlap. There are some great lines in this.

The Holiday

I find myself mostly focused on Kate Winslet's cottage in this movie.


Such a feel good movie. But why, why, why is Zoey Deschanel's hair blond?!

Christmas Vacation

We can practically quote the lines along with this one as it plays.

The Christmas Story

This movie makes you a little nostalgic for Christmases when you were a kid. I've heard they have turned the house where it was filmed in Cleveand into a museum. That would make a fun holiday road trip!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Secret Santa dog biscut wreath - nailed it

What do you do when you draw the Secret Santa name of a guy that has two dogs and loves to hike? You make a dog biscuit wreath...

And find the most perfect book to go with it! Surpreme Secret Santa Success this year.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Scentsicles goodie box giveaway

Last year I saw Scentsicles at Target and brought a tube home. We always have a live tree but Aaron loves the smell of pine. They make it smell like Christmas. We even had them in the car and used the all winter. I was pretty excited when Environscent sent me a box of Scentsicle products to try... and to share!

Here is what came in the box.

These classic Scentsicles can be used anywhere. Enviroscent, the company that makes them was founded by a former Primate Zoologist at NASA. That's some scent science!

These Scentsicles have decorative beads so you can hang them right on the tree like an ornament.

These autosticks come with loops and sachet perfect for using them in your car.

Wreath Scentsicles are shorter so you can tuck them into your holiday wreath.

There were also Scentsicle lumberjack caps and a signed photo of the Scentsicle lumberjack. Have you seen him in the commercials?

You can follow Scentsicle on social media on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |Pinterest

I love the autosticks kit. Everytime I hop in the car, the pine scent wooshes out of the car. I love it and I'd like to share the goodies with a lucky winner! Enter for a chance to win one of each of the scentsicle products pictured above. You have until Tuesday, December 16 at midnight to enter. Just leave a blog comment about how you would use Scentsicles to brighten your holiday and I will randomly choose a winner.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Verona Street Animal Services Holiday Craft Sale

Today was the Verona Street Animal Services Holiday Craft Sale. I cleared out of bird feeders and went home with just one wreath left so it was pretty successful.

This is Nana, an RAS pup in a foster home. She was there greeting customers as they came to the show. So glad the show went well.

Friday, December 12, 2014

More wreaths

I made two more wreaths for the VSAS Holiday Craft Show. This one is called Blue Christmas.

I always wanted to make a pink wreath. I was stuck on the name but folks on Twitter and Instagram came up with Sugar Plum. Perfect! It's been fun naming these wreaths. Like naming nail polish!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Oranges for Christmas

Someon was eating an orange in the office and it smelled like Christmas to me. My family usually gets a box of Florida navel oranges around Christmas. We peel and eat them in the evenings when we watch TV.

Apparently an orange in the toe of a Christmas stocking is a tradition. This site says "The gold Nicholas threw to provide the dowry money is often shown as gold balls. These are symbolized by oranges or even apples. So the orange in the toe of the stocking is a reminder of Nicholas' gift."

I like to tell Aaron about how Laura in The Long Winter got an orange, an peppermint stick and a penny for Christmas. (Mentioned in this article)

When I was home my mom and I went to a few markets to find a box to split.

I was putting away some boxes when I found this box from my Grandma's. I looked at the shipping label and it was sent from my Great Aunt when who lived in Florida to my Grandpap. I guess my family has been eating oranges at Christmas for a long time.