Friday, July 24, 2015

Movies with a Downtown View: Moonrise Kingdom

My friend Liz invited us to join her for Movies with a Downtown View. The Rochestariat and The Little Theater joined together to produce a free outdoor movie showing in Manhattan Square Park.

It's a really cool experience to watch a film with the Rochester skyline in the background. Besides the movie there were food trucks and giveaways. We just brought our lawn chairs and snacks.

The movie they showed was Moonrise Kingdom. It was the perfect film for outside on a summer night. We had never seen it before and now it's our favorite Wes Anderson film. It had everything you would expect from a Wes Anderson movie - great costumes, colors, set design, and quippy lines.

Being set in the 60s the entire movie had a classic vintage feel. I enjoyed the use of the telephone operator, and the little portable battery operated record player.

Of all of Anderson's films this one had the most charming storyline. I really cared for the characters and rooted for them.

The added bonus was Aaron and I are heading out for a camping trip tomorrow and the Khaki Scout scenes put us in the right mood.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Serious blueberry picking

I was on a fruit picking mission last summer. I was determined to pick every kind of fruit that was available to be picked. This year I eased up a bit. We picked strawberries and today stopped at Green Acres U Pick for blueberries.

Blueberries have got to be one of the more pleasurable berries to pick. You don't have to bend over like you do for strawberries and you don't get scratched by thorns like you do with raspberries.

At Green Acres, they ask if you are a "serious picker". If you are, you get a bucket and rope to tie around your waist so you can have both hands free for picking. Once my bucket approached half full, I could really feel it weighing me down, but I am fan. I need a picking bucket for all fruit picking adventures!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Vanilla milk ice cubes for cold brew coffee

Coffee ice cubes are such a OF COURSE kind of idea. Saving iced coffees from becoming watered down all summer long. I was thinking about coffee ice cubes when I had a brainstorm. Why not milk ice cubes! They would keep your coffee cold and add cream to it as they melted.

I thought it was such a good idea. I exclaimed to Aaron - "Why hasn't anyone else doen this yet?!" He kinda snickered... "Oh I don't know... frozen... ice... cream. Ice cream. Never heard of that before."

No, no. Not the same thing.

I decided to make a batch using half and half and even some vanilla for flavoring. They looked nice when I popped them out of the ice cube tray.

But they were just okay. There seemed to be little bits of curdle come off of them. And I had to wait for them to melt, because I certainly am not going to drink straight up coffee.

It wasn't a raging success, but I'm not giving up yet.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cold brew options

I have a pretty good method for making cold brew coffee, so I didn't really need this can of Grady's Cold Brew, but the can totally sold me.

You can also get the concentrate in a bottles or sign up for a coffee club to keep a steady stream of caffiene shipped to your home.

Look at these instruction illustrations on the can! So good.

You can follow Grady's Cold Brew on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Speaking of liquid cold brew concentrate in a bottle I found this Muddy Waters Cold Brew at Wegmans. It is made right here in Rochester! It's pretty good too. It's a nice option with the #shoplocal bonus.

I am curious if they are affiliated with the Muddy Waters Coffee House that used to be in the South Wedge, but I haven't figured that out yet.

They are on Facebook and Twitter.

Monday, July 20, 2015

How to make pugs comfy outside

We like to spend time outdoors and the pugs like to be outside with us. Some of that time, we spend relaxing on a lawn chair or hammock. The pugs spend that time gazing wistfully at us until we let them sit on our laps. Or they lay pathetically on the ground as if to say "Oh woe is me. See how I lay on the cold hard ground." It was decided that they needed their own pet lawn chairs.

What we found was this outdoor pet lounger - a Coolaroo Pet Bed.

The Coolaroo company is pretty interesting. They started off making a fabic 50 years ago that was ideal for providing shade. The durable fabric blocks UV rays and heat but lets cool air pass through. Perfect for a company founded and based in sunny Australia. They went on to make sun shades, sun sails, umbrellas, hammocks and yes, pet beds.

The pugs seem pretty pleased that their butts are up off the ground now.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

National Ice Cream Day for Everyone

We couldn't let National Ice Cream Day pass us by without a little frozen treat. I like these mini Lil' Drums. Just the right size! Drumsticks are such a classic treat. The NestlĂ© Drumstick first showed up at the 1904 World’s Fair. The chocolate was added in 1928. Classic.

Drumsticks on Facebook and Twitter.

The pugs enjoyed peanut butter Dogsters while we had our ice cream. Dogsters just started their twitter account and are offering VIP coupons to the first five pups who get their pics posted to Twitter. What great timing! I got Oscar and Hugo's picture posted STAT.

Dogsters on Facebook and Twitter

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Scooter at the Market

Today was a great day for scootering to the Public Market to meet my peeps for brunch.

Looks like even the Public Market folks thought my scooter looked good parked there! They posted a picture of it on their Facebook page.

Had a great catch-up and brunch with Aprille and Tina. Flour City Bread Company breakfast sammies and Java's iced coffee and then some veggie shopping.