Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bibimbap research

One of my 2015 to-dos is to cook more Korean dishes. I started with bibimbap. Since memories of eating the dish in Korea is a few months old, I've been doing some research by eating it at local Korean restaurants. This bibimbap was from Sodam Korean Restaurant. The dolsat was hot and sizzling, turning the rice on the bottom nice and crispy. The toppings were good but they has already mixed them ups somewhat. The doenjang tasty and spicy.

We also tried the bibimbap at Young's Korean Restaurant. I was a little nervous about the raw egg on top, but the dosot was so hot, when you mixed in the egg it cooked right away. The doenjang came in a ketchup squirt bottle for you to add yourself, but I didn't like it as much as Sodam. I like the banchan (side dishes) at Young's a lot so that always draws me back.

Research. It's tough work.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tiny Fish Printing

After following them on Instagram for some time, I finally got to meet the Tiny Fish Printing folks at Makers Faire in November. I liked their set up with the on-site screen printer and how they interacted with customers. I was invited to step back behind the table to see my t-shirt being printed and take pictures. They also offered a "social media' discount if I was going to share the experience online.

Tiny Fish Printing got started in 2014, set up in the City of Rochester and is supportive of the local community. You can follow their posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

They are dedicated to the quality of their products... checking and testing until everything is just right. Add that in with a shirt that is super soft and it makes sense that my Tiny Fish Printing t-shirt from Maker's Faire is one of my favorite!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Knitting and documentaries

These cold evenings have been spent rolled up in blankets on the couch knitting dishcloths (an easy mindless pattern) and watching documentaries like Burt's Buzz and Tiny.

Burt's Buzz - I'm a big fan of Burt's Bees products, from the old stand by lip balm and hand salve to the newer face wipes and moisturizer. I had no idea there was a real Burt. I was surprised to learn about the story of this reclusive beekeeper and the drama behind the creation of a billion dollar company. The best part was seeing Burt's rustic cabin and watching him make a fire. "A good day is when no one shows up... and you don't have to go anywhere." - Burt Shavitz

Tiny - This is a documentary about the Tiny House movement. It follows a couple as they build a 120 square foot house. There were also interviews with other people that were already living in their Tiny Houses. I just read about a Tiny House in Rochester. I think it is an interesting movement and great for people looking to downsize their lives. Not my thing however.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Feed the birds

Temperatures actually crawled out of the single digits today so we went for a walk in Mendon Ponds Park.

They have bird watching trails where if you hold your hand out full of bird seed, chickdees and other little birds will come eat it out of your hand. This one is a nuthatch. He is looking at Aaron like "Is this all you got pal?!"

I loved feeding the birds. I feel like Snow White.

They tend to sneak up behind you. I could hear their wings fluttering on a branch behind me and then with a *fwap fwap fwap* one would swoop down onto my hand. Aaron may have jumped like a Nervous Nellie the first time.

Their little feet really cling onto your fingers and they are heavier than they look.

The best is when they take their time selecting their treat, picking through the selection of seeds in your hand.

Aaron got me a fisheye lens for Christmas and I took it along on our walk.

The squirrels were getting in on the handout too.

It was a lot of fun to try out.

Looking up.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Lost and Found Film

I was cleaning out my camera bag when I found a shot roll of Kodak T-Max film.

I had no idea what was on the roll.

When I had it developed I discovered it was shots from our trip to San Diego the summer of 2013.

It was nice to see pictures of the beach when it was single digit temperatures in Rochester.

There were shots of Coronado Island and La Jolla.

A nice surprise, like finding $20 in your pocket.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Ship Glitter

I like glitter. I have quite the collection of glitter including glow-in-the-dark glitter.

I use it for a lot of projects. As result it is all over the house. It gets on the pugs. I go to work with it on my face. And it drives Aaron crazy. So he can understand the premise behind

Send an envelope full of glitter to someone you don't like? Hilarious!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Kodak Collectables

Some new additions to my Kodak collection. A truck from my mom and Olympic canisters from my friend Liz's dad.