Monday, October 16, 2000

I Feel a Disturbance in the Force.

Who put Darth Vader on my desk? I look over and there he is. I originally had Princess Leia, the Easter Bunny, Garfield, Sleepy Garfield, Dopey Dog, Bugs Bunny and a mini Gorilla, all lined up in a row. And now Darth is standing there with them. Where did he come from? It's kind of eerie.

These are PEZ dispensers by the way. I am a collector of things I'm afraid (as can be attested by my Kinderegg blog). My problem is that when items are themed and matching, I want the entire set. I either meticulously organize them and stash them away or proudly display them. It ranges from Hello Kitty stationary (paper, pen, stickers), to Tare Panda dish set (rice bowl, sake cup, chopsticks and chopstick rest) or all the Star Wars Legos.

PEZ can be dangerous thing. There are sooo many of them. I could go hog wild with PEZ. But I abstain. I only have a few cherished PEZ dispensers.

And now there is a stranger in their midst.

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