Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Last night I was watching the season premiere of Ally McBeal (we have already established that I probably watch too much TV so let's just move along here), when I noticed yet another trend in television.

Lately, it seems the cool thing for movie stars to do is take a hiatus and do a stint on Broadway. Nicole Kidman was in "The Blue Room" and Kevin Spacey in "The Iceman Cometh ". Some critics feel they are doing this to "prove" that they really can act, and are destroying theatre in the process.

Now, movie actors are moving to television too. Martin Sheen and Rob Lowe have been on the "West Wing" and this season brings Robert Downey Jr. to "Ally McBeal". There's also Charlie Sheen in "Spin City", Gabriel Byrne in "Madigan Men", Bette Midler in "Bette" and Geena Davis in ...uhhhh ..."The Geena Davis Show".

Now if these actors think that performing on Broadway gives their acting ability crediblity, then what does starring on television say?

Ummm...not that I wouldn't watch them.

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