Thursday, October 12, 2000

Mir or bust.

At work we are rather excited for the next season of Survivor. Can't wait for the first episode set in Austrailia to be shown after the Superbowl.

I have been thinking a lot about the Survivor show that will happen after the Austraila one. NBC is running this "Destination Mir" show instead of CBS. A dozen civilians will train at cosmonaut training camp, Star City, as they are eliminated and sent home by the officals. The finalists will gather AT the launch platform and the winner will be chosen to board a Soyuz spacecraft to go to the Mir Spacestation for a days visit.

So you might think, what's not to like? I love space. I love Survivor. This combines both things. But I also like living. If it was NASA running the show and the prize was a ride in the Space Shuttle, I would be all for it. The Russian space program leaves something to be desired. Did you know they built a copy of the Space Shuttle, called Buran, but due to a lack of funding had to sell it to a company in Austrailia for an exhibit? Just LOOK at all the problems they have had with the spacestation Mir. I would be concerned that they would ask me to pack an extra battery in my bag and bring it along for them.

It's still tempting though. I wonder if we would be able to swing by and check out my moon property on the way?

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