Monday, October 2, 2000

Mission Impossible/High School Hijinx.

I would say the pride of our cubicle is the curtain that we made out of floppy disc inards. The circular pattern is asthetically pleasing as the discs sway to and fro from the blast of the ventilation system. The success of the curtain has inspired us to create something with our stash of old CD's. It was decided that we would velcro them to the pillar in our area. A quick trip to the supply cupboard revealed that all of the hooky part of the velcro roll was gone.

We headed down to the Ralph (reusable and last possible hope) room thinking there would be some there. It's where abandoned office supplies go to die. Alas, the room closed at 3 o'clock. On the way back Joel spotted a catchy sign on the wall. "Oh, we need that." Millie inspected the sides of the frame until she found the side the plastic slid out out. As she moved it aside I grasped the corner of the poster and pulled. I half couldn't believe I was doing it. "It's glued on!" I look over my shoulder to Joel. He has a look of expectant glee on his face. Suddenly I was catapulted back to high school. When you shove a note in someones locker and run. Or unscrew the street sign from the end of your best friends road (or so I observed, ahem) and run.

I was at the point of no return. I took a deep breath, zipped it off the wall, and took off down the hall. We ran back up to the office giggling with the themesong to "Mission Impossible" filling our ears.

And now, as you can see below, it was totally worth it.

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