Wednesday, November 1, 2000

Shopping Sighting #3: When Kristen and I were in London , we went to the niftiest little store called Muji. I nearly went wild. I left the store with a bag as big as me. (I am not kidding)

They describe their merchandise as "objects for living". I call them, "things to put things in". And oh how I love "things to put things in". They also have cool pens, pencils, notebooks... just lots of stuff you really need. Everything is very plain. Wood, clear acrylic, brushed aluminum, canvas.

So I am not pointing out just one particular object in this shopping sighting. The whole store is wonderful. Unfortunately, the stores are only in Japan, the United Kingdom and France. But Halleluiah, there's an online store! And it just went live with it's holiday update today!

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