Thursday, November 9, 2000

Springer Therapy

Aaron and I went last night to see Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?" at the Geva Theater. Not the most happy-go-lucky of plays. I had vaguely remembered the movie version with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton not being a "feel good" movie either. A well executed, thought provoking performance, but a bummer none the less.

I would say one of the big plusses of seeing this production, is when you walk out of there you feel pretty good about your life. You think "I don't have an alcohol problem. I am not in a dysfunctional relationship." You feel right on track. Kinda like watching Jerry Springer. Sure it's smut TV, but you feel like an incredibly attractive, emotionally healthy, highly educated genius compared to those folks. You've got your act together. It's quite therapeutic!

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