Friday, December 15, 2000

I forgot to mention that book club went well Wednesday night. It was very loud and boisterous in my little apartment.

Of course, me with my Martha Stewartitis, only caught pieces of the book conversation. This is how it went for me.

Someone:"Oh and I was hesitant seeing that it was Fanny Flag but the book really...
Me in my head:"Uh oh. Her glass is empty. Did she have ginger ale or water?"
Someone:"Yes, I think it was particularly interesting how the relationship between...
Me in my head:"Gasp! Am I gonna run outta cupcakes? I should have made more cupcakes! Are the sprinkles turning their tongues green?"
Someone:"I was totally taken by surprise by the ending. I felt...
Me in my head:"Ooooh does she need a chair? Should have put out more chairs? Is there enough ice cream? .......Do these ice cubes taste funny?"

Needless to say I need to work on this hostess paranoia.

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