Monday, December 18, 2000


My week started off with a bang. I lost my work badge. I couldn't even park in my parking lot 'cause I didn't have my badge to swipe at the gate. Worse than that I lost my zippy pully badge holder thingy along with it.

As a result I had to troop down to the pass fabrication office in the basement (scary) for a new one. Usually the badge guy offers to take a new picture for your badge. He must have gotten a good look at my monday morning hair 'cause he didn't offer.



Well I finished all my Christmas shopping. Now I am wondering who is coming over to my living room to wrap them all.

Of course I jest. I couldn't trust anyone else's wrapping technique. Every year I have a theme. Last year all my holiday cards, wrapping paper and tags were snowflakes. The year before was snowmen. I have had reindeer, angels and cats&dogs themes.

This year my theme is "postage stamps".

This does not mean I am a stamp collector.

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