Friday, December 8, 2000

Words into Art

Is there a refridgerator in America that doesn't have Magnetic Poetry plastered all over it? It was novel when it first came out. Then there was Naughty Magnetic Poetry, Yiddish Magnetic Poetry, Shakespeare Magnetic Poetry, and so on and so forth. Soon you couldn't get the milk carton out without little overcrowded words falling to the floor. And what a pain they are to move to a new surface.

When they start competing with your state magnet collection, you take them to work. We have several sets on our cubicle cabinets. However since we are all visual designers and not wordsmiths, the poems haven't been exactly stunning. I was determined to find a new use for them, and with some scissors and a couple of cleverly posed shots from the digital camera, this is what I came up with.

You don't have any Magnetic Poetry? Well you can play with some online.

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