Thursday, January 4, 2001

Bellydancing for fun and profit fitness
Last night was my first "Bellydancing for Fun and Fitness" class with Tina and Jo. I get amazed looks when I tell people I am taking this class. Ljc? Ljc that loves bunny rabbits and marshmallow Fluff? Bellydancing?

It's not what you think. It's a room full of women in sweatpants shuffling around bumping into one another. No need to get excited folks. And it actually is a bit of a workout.

What I love best is when I mention the class and Aaron does his "Bugs Bunny dressed as a bellydancer" song "Oook a-cha, Oook a-cha, Oook a-cha, ooooh ahh uhh uhh uhhh".

Next week we start with the zells (finger cymbals). It will either be really cool or drive me mad.

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