Monday, January 29, 2001

Electronic Home Entertainment Equipment Bliss

You may have noticed the new feature to the left, "Wanting". It's hard to narrow it down to one thing a week. In reference to the last listing "DVD Player" I can say "Acquired"! The acquisition of the new DVD Player marks a big step for Aaron and I. Aaron offered to go halvsies on the DVD Player! I suppose there are bigger commitments in a relationship like engagements and marriage, and sure, he moved across four states to live here. But I think the joint purchasing of a piece of electronic home entertainment equipment is huge.

No one person can call it "my DVD Player". And no one person can say "We are watching THIS movie, because it's MY DVD Player and I want to watch THIS movie!". But it IS in MY apartment so I figure I can put it anywhere I want. And I do. I constantly shift the speakers around trying to get that perfect blend of audio perfection and aesthetic harmony.

There is still some disagreement over who gets to hold the remote control.

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