Wednesday, January 31, 2001

I wasn't kidding when I said we watched every single bit of content on the "Fight Club" DVD. We watched the three different title sequences with the two different type faces with the two different sound tracks and the two different commentaries with the director and then the CG guy. It was out of control.

The things you discover about a movie when you watch it with the commentary are quite interesting. We were watching "Fight Club" with the actors commentary and it came to the scene when Jack and Tyler are smashing cars with a baseball bat. They smack a BMW, skip a Ford and then smack a new VW bug. Seems odd till you hear the commentary. Ed Norton is explaining that they are smashing expensive luxury type cars and sparing practical cars. He thought it would be funny to hit a new VW bug because he didn't like them and he felt they represented the repackaging of a past generation in a jazzed up version to this idealless soulless generation. He said Brad Pitt agreeed with him but in the commentary Brad recanted his dislike of the new VW Beetle. I didn't think it was funny. I didn't think it was funny one bit. Hmmfff. I am not pleased with Ed Norton. Yay for Brad.

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