Wednesday, January 24, 2001

Our Greatest Accomplishment

I have enjoyed reading about Joel's adventures in potty training. Training Hannah that is, not Joel. This is a big event. By coincidence, I happened to have some television sitcom on in the background on Monday night and caught this related bit of diologue.

The situation: Father #2 is trying to give advice to Father #1 on switching his son from breast feeding to a bottle.

Father #2: "You have got to stick with this, no matter how much he cries. You can't give in. You will have to do this all over again next year when you try to potty train him. And that is our biggest accomplishment ever, potty training."

Father #1: "I would like to think I have made some bigger accomplishments than potty training. Getting accepted to college, graduating with honors, getting that great job."

Father #2: "Yeah, but if you are still poopin in your pants, no one is gonna want to have lunch with you!"

Ahhh, how true!

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