Sunday, January 14, 2001

Today Aaron and I made cheese fondue. Ahh sweet cheese fondue. Sweet stinky cheese fondue. (Gruyere is rather stinky) I do so love fondue. Cheese and food on a stick....what's not to love?

But the clean up! Uggghhh. Sticky, gloppy cheese everywhere! On the forks, on the plates, cheese, cheese everywhere! And the worst, cold, stinky cheese burnt to the bottom of the fondue pot.

I am scrubbing and scrubbing the cheese stuck to the lid of the fondue pot when SHLICK, the lid slips out of my cheesy little hand and shnicks off a chunk of flesh on my thumb! I am screaming "Ah ahh ahhh!" when Aaron looks over my shoulder and asks "What's that stuck to your thumb?" That's not a "something", that's "lack of thumb". "Ewwwwww."

I fear I may be adverse to fondue now by association. That would be tragic.

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