Thursday, April 26, 2001

Dental Care

Tomorrow I go to the Dentist for real. After last month when I thought I had an appointment(but had the wrong date) and realized I hadn't been flossing I kicked up the dental care process a notch. Now I have a very thorough regime.

Colgate makes a cool, inexpensive battery powered toothbrush called the Colgate Actibrush. I got a green colored one on sale at Wegmans. I love it! Bzzzzzzz. My teeth feel so clean! And I can really get back at those wisdom teeth. (yes I still have all my wisdom teeth)

Aaron got a tongue scraper which really grossed me out. Then I saw it was a cool translucent green thingy, so I got one and added that to the process too.

I am expecting high praise from the dentist tomorrow.

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