Saturday, April 14, 2001

Hamster Harness

Aaron managed to find a hamster harness and leash at the pet store. It takes quite a bit of effort to strap it on Petunia. I think she is actually a fur covered slinky.

She looks pretty hysterical on a leash. Like a tiny seeing eye hamster. Only that wouldn't be a good idea, unless you were trying to find where all the yogurt drop hamster treats were stashed.

Speaking of small furry animals, I helped my dad put a squirrel guard on my mom's bird feeder. Apparently they thought it was their own personal buffet and left nothing for the birds.

Since they can't climb up the pole to the feeder now, the squirrels are climbing the nearby trees and trying to jump onto the roof of the feeder. My mom even saw one try to take a flying leap off the picnic table ten feet away. Inevitably they miss and slide down the guard with their little paws going SCRRRREEEEECH!

I half expect to look out and see them trying drop in with little parachutes strapped on.

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