Tuesday, April 10, 2001

Toe Separators

I recently found a blog that I enjoy reading. The author has an iMac (I want an iMac), she has a bunny (I had a bunny and love bunnies), she likes to shop (I like to shop). I find her web page highly entertaining.

Then, yesterday at the end of her post, squibnocket mentions buying bunny toe separators at Old Navy. I just got Old Navy bunny toe separators... as a gift from Hannah.


Yep, I squashed my toes into the bunny toe separators (I like to sing "toe separators" to the tune of "Smooth Operator") and painted my toes sparkely melon this weekend.

The picture does not depict this procedure, because it is a tad bit disturbing to see the bunnies being choked by my toes.

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