Sunday, May 13, 2001

Saturday Surprise

Aaron pulled one over on me again. Weeks ago when he asked what I wanted to do for my birthday I told him I'd like to go out to dinner with all my friends and then go dancing.

I never heard anything else about it. When I asked him this week what was going on he made a sad face and said that he tried, but everyone but two emailed back busy. I shot question after question at him about who was doing what etc (I am an infamous wheedler).

I didn't believe him. I was convinced something was going on last night. Everytime we pulled into a parking lot, I scanned the area for familiar cars. I was certain people were going to jump out from behind trees.

It wasn't until I was at home in bed that I realized there was no surprise. I had a good time with Aaron but I was sort of bummed that no one wanted to do something on my birthday.

In the morning I cleaned my house and folded laundry, not suspecting a thing. Tina, Aaron's partner in crime claiming she felt bad we couldn't do anything on my birthday, called and suggested we go to Jillians and then out to Red.

Under normal conditions, I would have suspected something. I would have caught certain details such as Abby actually not being busy Friday night, the i-zone camera in Aaron's Jeep, the bag of "shorts" that Aaron was taking along to give Matt. But having heighted security the night before left me tired and suseptable.

Even as we walked into Jillians and I saw Ken jumping up and down, I thought "Oh that's nice, Ken came". Then I saw EVERYBODY. Everyone was there with a big Alien cake and presents. And the bag of shorts was a bag of Alien party favors. We ate, we played games, we went and danced at Red.

They got me good.

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