Monday, June 18, 2001


Well sorta. Lara called me last night to tell me that I got a mention in a column in the USA Weekend insert in the Sunday paper. I ran out and picked one up and yup, right there on page 9.

"Will "PANTIES" cheat on her husband with her tennis date? Will Aaron surprise Jenny on her birthday? No, it's not a cheesy soap opera; it's a weblog, or "blog," the latest craze to hook everyone from college kids to soccer moms." You can read the whole article online.

It was pretty cool to see the mention. My mom is already worried about me accumulating a hoard of stalkers. I told her the url to my site wasn't mentioned, so really I am only famous to the people that already know me. I was actually a little disappointed to see the url wasn't there.

But my friends got a kick out of it, and that's who really counts right?

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