Monday, June 25, 2001

French Fries

Yesterday Aaron and I met Abby, Chuck and Tina at Bahama Breeze for dinner before going to see "Evolution". We must have good restaurant karma. For the second time, we had just enough time to order a drink on the deck before our table was ready. Joel and Lara, on the other hand were disenchanted with BB after an hour and a half wait on their anniversary.

I got the jerk chicken and french fries. I love french fries. I love potatoes period...but french fries are particularly divine. McDonalds are undoubtably the best, but Chik Filet's waffle fries and KFC's wedge fries are also noteworthy. Sweet potato fries at Empire are a nice treat and Arby's spicy curly fries are good too. The Bahama Breeze fries were super thin. Almost like Potato Stix.

On my french fry scale they get an 8.

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