Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Mirror mirror

I am all settled into my new space. The lights are dim. I can hear Tina and Tony laughing across from me. All is well.

Except that my back is open to the hall. I see shadows pass behind me in my screen. I see reflections in the iZone pics pasted to my monitor. I live in constant anticipation of someone creeping up behind me to scare the bejeezez out of me.

I need a Chimp Mirror from The description says "When you are playing Quake on the local LAN against the support desk staff you need all the help you can get. C.H.I.M.P is an early warning system that will clue you in on when to Alt-Tab back to your spreadsheet when your boss suddenly appears."

I will have to write on it, "The geeks in your mirror are closer than they appear." ("Heyyyyy" you say! It's ok...I am one of them)

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