Thursday, July 12, 2001


Martha sent me another letter. Well, okay e-newsletter.

She wrote... Dear Jennifer, (that's me!) Whether it’s dinner for two or a neighborhood get-together, outdoor entertaining is an incomparable treat on these warm summer nights. Set the mood by hanging a few pendulum lampshades— easy-to-make, elegant lanterns that softly illuminate al fresco dinners without eclipsing the moon and stars above. Make several in different shapes and sizes, and you’ll be well-equipped to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion, all summer long. - Martha

Brilliant! I must make several! You know...for when I am entertaining the neighborhood with an al fresco dinner on a warm summer night.

I wonder what Martha would think of the bamboo divider jobbies Aaron and I made this past weekend. We saw similar ones hanging in the window of Arena's and realized we could make them too.

After wrestling with bamboo, rice paper and the hot glue gun, I think we made a pretty nice little....divider....screen...thingy-ma-bob.

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