Friday, July 27, 2001

Head Tingler

Joel got Lara a Head Tingler for her birthday. We originally saw them in Utah at a body spa. It is a strange contraption with arms that you sort of skritch at your scalp with.

Aaron and I were at their house last night and I got to try it. It was wonderful. More wonderful than I let on. I was trying out Joel's new Aeron Chair. The chair was was comfy...but I guess after the amount of praise Joel had been giving it, I was expecting it to feel like a cloud. Don't get me wrong, it was pleasant... I am not s**tcanning it. I think maybe I wasn't heavy enough to get it to lean back the way Joel describes.

I digress. As I am sitting in the new office chair Aaron pokes at my head with the Head Tingler. I can't explain it. All the little spindley arms sooth and massage... I turned to pudding and nearly slipped off the unyeilding chair to the floor. But I didn't... I just said "Oh that is nice".

I waited until we were in the car to exclaim "I NEED A HEAD TINGLER. I MUST HAVE A HEAD TINGLER.".

I think it would make the clicking in my neck go away.

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