Sunday, July 1, 2001

Heat Wave

Aaron and I are heading back to Rochester this afternoon. There are thunderstorms predicted. Goody.

At least a thunderstorm might break this heat. It has been unbearably hot. And we practically live in Canada. I stayed above the Mason Dixon line for a reason. I like summer activities and all, but I just can't take smothering heat.

The worst is when your car has been sitting out in a parking lot in the sun all day. Opening the door and feeling the hot air woosh out just about makes me sick. All my friends say they love the heat, but after sitting out in it at lunch, looking all withered and melted, no one resists heading back inside to the AC early. Joel and Lara are going to Disney next week. I cannot imagine. Good luck with that.

I wonder how the weather is in Alaska right about now?

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