Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Phat Puppy, Phat Kitty

Two of my templates were chosen for the new Blogger Template section! One even won a book.

Mmmm...a book. I suppose I'll have to read that. I kinda wished I had won the "Macromedia ColdFusion Server". Joel asked me if I even know what that is. No...but it sounds better. "Hey...c'mon over and see my ColdFusion Server!" Nobody drops by to see a book. (Not that I am complaining about the book. The book is fine. I will read it and count it as training at work)

I was suprised to see that a few of the templates were broken or did not display correctly, maybe because I am on a Mac.

By the way...I hadn't named my templates "fat kitty" or "fat puppy", those were the names for the gifs...I guess they liked it.

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