Monday, July 30, 2001

Saturday: The Big Scoop

Aaron and I made the trip to PA this weekend. We made our traditional stop at The Big Scoop just over the NY border. My new favorite ice cream flavor is Butterscotch.

For those of you that don't know, The Big Scoop is a little ice cream shop in Lawrenceville PA. They aren't kidding, they give you a BIG SCOOP, scoops bigger than your fist. And it is inexpensive... two huge scoops was $1.75.

Funny story... the first time we stopped at The Big Scoop, Aaron was beside himself with joy. You can get a cone with one scoop or up to five scoops. I step up to the counter and order a two scoop cone. Aaron steps up to the counter and states in a loud clear voice..."I will have the five scoop cone." There was a twittering of laughter in the line behind us. Now keep in mind these are BIG SCOOPS. A five scoop cone would have been over two feet in height. He would not have been able to get in the car with it. He would not have gotten out the door with it.

The ice cream lady looked at him with raised eyebrows, he blushed and then said..."Make that the three scoop."

One of these days he is getting the five scoop.

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