Sunday, July 1, 2001


On our car trip home yesterday, Aaron and I stopped at a fireworks warehouse. I am not familiar with the laws and so on regarding fireworks, but they had a pretty strict process. You had to show your drivers license at the door and you couldn't enter if you were a PA resident.

Aaron was like a kid in a candy store. I steered him away from the large rocket types towards the little guys with names like "Butterfly and Flowers" and "Friendship Pagoda". The best name we saw was "Instant Happiness".

This evening with a bucket of water on hand we set our purchases off in my parents driveway. I stood and held the flashlight while Aaron lit match after match as they blew out from the night breeze. As soon as a fuse was lit I turned and scurried away as fast as I could.

Judging from the ooohs and aaahs of my family the best displays were the "Happy Lantern" that spun and lit up and then at the end burst open into a big paper lantern, and the "Twitter Glitter" that sprayed sparks while whistling loudly. I was less enthusiastic about the super loud bottle rockets. They sure did go high though. And Emily learned not to stand in my way when I am running away from them.

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