Thursday, August 16, 2001


I have always been a fan of Lomo. Their cameras aren't high quality , but they really hype picture taking. They are always sponsoring contests and fun stuff on their site.

I want the new Lomo camera... the Supersampler... the queen of all multi-lensed cameras. The website says "One shot - a series of four razor sharp panorama shots on one enlargement. Without a viewfinder - with the patented rapid-pull ripcourd instead of a winder... just pull and sho-o-o-ot."

These make the coolest pictures. One print is divided up into four shots in a time sequence. Nice for action shots. I have the old Lomo Action Camera. The pictures it takes are arranged on the print like a window pane, with the sequence moving clockwise. Well, they were until I broke it. Now I want this new one.

Perhaps considering where I work I shouldn't be touting this product, but until we make our own action camera, I have no choice. (Same goes for Polaroids)

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